Reproductive Technology

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Throughout history, the advancement in technology has been one of the few areas that humans failed to set restrictions to, thus leading to many repercussions. In the following utopia, technology is limited to avoid facing backlash. In brief, any technological advancement that is a luxury would essentially be taken away. Firstly, smartphones would be reduced in terms of abilities that it can perform. Texting would not exist to encourage phone calls and video calls will not be able to made within the same province to increase social interactions on a day to day basis. Video calls would only be able to be made outside of the province one lives in to keep connections with friends and family that live far away. When these restrictions are placed,…show more content…
Any other energy source would be banned to prevent pollution, global warming and to avoid harming animals. Reproductive technologies would exist with some restrictions as well. This type of technology would only be handled by the government and to some of the public if their child is at risk to having a disability that can limit what the child can do daily. For example, down syndrome can limit the job opportunities that child has. In the scenario that the child is at risk, therefore reproductive technologies would solely be used to get rid of the chromosome causing the disability. Reproductive technologies to determine the sex, physical trait or make the child intelligent would not exist, solely to make sure that all children have equal opportunities. Life-extension techniques would only be used for individuals under the age of twenty-five who are at risk of death because of a disease, cancer or accident and parents at risk of death with a child under the age of eighteen. Parents are the only exception so that the child will not have to go live with someone else. These individuals would only be allowed to live for one hundred years, just like everyone else. However, anyone over that age or is not a parent would not be able to have their life extended, as the population needs to be
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