Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning Essay example

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Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning

Cloning is defined as the “creation of an exact copy of a living matter, such as a cell or organism” according to Encarta encyclopedia. The copies produced through cloning have identical genetic makeup and are known as clones. Scientists use cloning techniques in the laboratory to create copies of cells or organisms with valuable traits.

Cloning is a controversial topic because new areas of science often raise questions about safety. Early experiment performed on animals showed potential dangers. For example, cloned cows developed faulty immune systems. In some studies, cloned animals seemed to grow old faster and die younger than normal members of the species. According to Encarta online
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Faust and Adam and Eve. Dr. Frankenstein tried to create a human, with terrible consequences (Guinan 306), Dr. Faust traded his soul with the devil for forbidden knowledge, and Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating from the tree of knowledge; Good and evil, and were banished from the Garden of Eden. The stories about the two doctors may not be true but it is used to illustrate that some knowledge are not to be tampered with because we may not be well prepared for it. The story of Adam and Eve is true. They tampered with what was forbidden and disrupted the order of nature. It is the same with cloning, if we tampered with cloning, something terrible could go wrong because the technology is unstable. We should at least obey and respect nature, which is part of tradition by banning cloning. From the start children are always produced sexually not through a combination of toxic substances and if we start using toxic substances to reproduce it will disrespectful to nature and tradition.

It would also be sacrificing the humans’ race to clones. The clones might grow to dominate the world. For instance, when George Washington’s (first president of the United States) generation kicked the bucket, a brand new generation took over and it has been like that for many centuries. If clones are made they will grow to dominate the future.

Not only those topics, we have to consider earth
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