Republic And Struggles Of Plebeians

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The Rise of Republic and Struggle of Plebeians
It was the unification of two classes of Rome (Patricians and plebeians) against the tyranny of kingship that gave birth to the republic of Rome, however, it was the patrician who gained more power and influence in government and began to rule the lower-class plebeians. Eventually the plebeians were successful to change the unfair condition and gain many political rights.

The unfair share of power
After the rebellion against the last roman king, the wealthier patrician made the all aspects of political power exclusive to themselves. All the important officials and religious figures were and should elected from these upper class of romans. The two most important branches of political power after the fall of kingship was the senate and the consuls but neither the members of the senate or the two consuls were elected from the lower-class plebeians. The only place that the plebeians could participate in political power was the Comitia Centuriata, and even in this assembly their say was ineffective since most of the members of this assembly were also aristocrat patricians.

The hardship of plebeians’ condition
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While the wealthy patrician was living behind safe city walls and their properties and families were well protected, the poor plebeians were living in the country with no such protection for their families, their little houses and farms. At the time of wars these disparate people had to join the army and fight for the all romans including those rich patricians as their unprotected farms and properties destroyed by the enemies and their families had been taken away from their houses. Their situation was so bad that even some slaves who were living with patricians had a better standard of living compared to many
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