Republic Day Vs Day Essay

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Legend is told in a two person perspective. June is being trained to be somebody really high in the military, while Day is the most wanted criminal in the Republic. Nobody ever imagined them two crossing paths but one day June's brother, Metias gets murdered and it's up to her to find why and how this happened, of course Day is one of the suspects. As the book continues the two cross paths and start a journey together where they find out many things about the Republic and just the truth about everything happening, things just start making more sense, this just brings them closer which leads to some romance between them, etc. Throughout this book you find a lot of conflict, mysteries, lessons, and just about what a good book would have. This…show more content…
As you read the book the Republic catches Day, by this time June and Day had already met each other and gotten close. Since June works with the Republic she doesn't know whether to help “the love of her life” which means she’ll betray the entire Republic, or to let down Day. On the other hand Day has an internal conflict with the guilt of abandoning his family and lying to them about being dead. After they take him to the camps where he escapes they lie about his death to his family. Later on he finds out his family has the plague going on and doesn't know how to help them without them finding out he’s alive and that he hasnt came back to…show more content…
The book switches out between them and tells their story, each having their own chapters. Because it's written in this point of view we can get into the character's mind and know how they feel, what they think, etc. It also allows us to see a certain event in both of their perspectives and hear their thoughts about it or how they felt. If this book was written in 3rd person omniscient we would be able to hear the thoughts of the many other characters. I think it would get confusing because it would be so many perspectives of one situation and it would make the story
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