Republic National Bank of Dallas

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Environmental Analysis
The Macro Environment

Revenue within the Texas banking unit is generated primarily from the pockets of urban and commercial growth. Demographic and economic factors have caused a dramatic increase in banking activity. This is due in large to a population growth and increases in the economy in the state of Texas, generally life in Dallas is progressive and prosperous.

Anticipated changes in the Political-Legal environment have the potential to transform the banking industry. Due to an attempt by a Thrift Institution to circumvent the prohibition of offering chequing accounts in the state of Massachusetts, there is a possibility that NOW accounts could be introduced in the state of Texas, in an effort to prevent
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At the end of 1976, 218 credit unions were located in the city of Dallas and its immediate environs. These Credit Unions operated 232 offices. Combined, they held over $666 Million assets and served almost ½ million members. Some of their advantages are:
 Offer consumer or installments loans to their members at competitive interest rates.
 Hold a significant share of the automobile loans in the Dallas market.
 Provide share drafts to their members.
 Hold substantial funds in member savings accounts.

The Organization

The Republic National Bank is a progressive and growth-oriented organization whose focus has been customer related since its commencement. This is evident in the manner in which they engaged in the advertisement of their campaign titled “Republic National Bank Is Dallas”. Mr. Orson Welles a famous radio and film personality was the focal point in the campaign. This was designed to reflect the mutual traditions of RNB Dallas residents as progressive and growth-oriented.

RNB is the market leader in the commercial banks with a relative market share of 1.05 in terms of total deposits.
Figures indicate that 32% of RNB’s personal chequing account is under $200.00

RNB provides a number of innovative banking services inclusive of the following packages:
 24hr teller service via bank teller/cash machine available at 26 locations around the city of Dallas and six

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