Republic: The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic

Governments around the world today are based off the design of the Roman Republic for numerous reasons. The reason for following a democratic type government is to allow the people to participate and have a say in their government. The meaning of a republic according to History Alive is, “a form of government in which leaders are elected, to represent the people.” The Roman Republic was not like this however. The plebeians, the majority of Rome’s population, fought for a voice in their government, due to their struggle, it displayed an undemocratic government.
Initially, the Roman republic had two different kinds of people; the Plebeians and the Patricians. When the Republic had just started to grow, the Patricians, wealthy landowners, were in charge of the senate. Unfortunately, they also ruled the Plebeians, the majority of Rome’s population. Plebeians
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According to this primary source, the Senate, made up of Patricians, had to make all decisions and settle everything, without having consent of the people first. Nearly all business was completed by the Senate. Magistrates had all the say in military decisions and how much public money should be used, once again, without the consent of the people. By 450 B.C., the government decided to write the 12 Tablets to notify the public about rules and laws that they made. People who lived far away from Rome could not be notified about this, and this didn’t change the unequal position they were in.
After reading several different sources, I have concluded that the Roman Republic was not democratic until 200 years after the Plebeians rebelled. Romans were able to vote, be a part of assemblies, and help make laws, however; this does not match the criteria of a republic. Although there were small details that make Rome seem like a republic, it was not completely
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