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n elephant as their official symbol, the Republican Party originated in Ripon, Wisconsin 28th of February, 1854. The reason for organizing this political party came from the opposition towards westward expansion of slavery. The very first convention was held on the 6th of July, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. The political principles of the party include deregulated free- market capitalism, excepting corporate tax breaks and subsidies, nationalism, religiosity, social conservatism, and militarism.

Considering the attacks on our country, the core focal point has been national security. The federal government and President Bush have crucially devoted to keep our nation safe against all enemies foreign and domestic. Such a mighty country as
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Increasing defense spending is a must not only to defend our borders but also to assure a leading position in world affairs. President Bush has proposed a $379.9 billon budget for the Department of Defense (DoD), a $15.3 billion increase. The President plans to boost military pay, housing, training, intelligence, and technology. By adding pay and supplying better living quarters to those marines, soldiers, airmen, and sailors enhance morale and allows the further experienced to stay in for a longer time.

The improved training provided allows quicker responses and more knowledgeable actions in preparation for war against terrorism.

Intelligence in this day in age is a vital component of a countries security. The newest proposal increases intelligence spending between 2 and 3 billion dollars, a total adding to nearly $35 billion. In addition to military enhancement, the FBI and other law enforcement/intelligence agencies will also be included in this proposal. A new system has been proposed by President Bush that all information be shared among all agencies. DoD, FBI, and the Department of Counterterrorist Center have drawn closer together to create a Terrorist Threat Integration Center to evaluate information blended from all sources associated with terrorism and to act upon those findings accordingly.
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