Republican Views On Democrats And Republicans

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Nick Vogel
Kylie Bitzman
PS 101
March 16, 2015
Democrats and Republicans in the United States have contrastive stances on the implication and enforcement of taxes. Typically, members of the Democratic Party support a progressive tax, which taxes higher earners at a higher rate. Republicans, however, tend to agree with a flat tax. This policy taxes everyone at the same rate, regardless of income. Although these two ideologies are the most common, there is still a place for a third or fourth opinion from other political parties. The Democratic and Republican views on taxes don’t include every possibility for the United States. Democrats support a progressive tax plan. The basis of a progressive tax is to tax in accordance with
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The Republican Party also supports a flat tax in addition to these tax cuts. Tax policies that divide Americans into separate groups aren’t something that Republicans agree with, such as raising taxes for the upper-class citizens. Republicans believe that the fairest way to tax United States citizens is to make everyone pay a certain percentage, no matter what your income is. In February of 2014 the Republicans released a tax reform plan. This plan included lower tax rates across the board, a new bank tax, and the elimination of state and local income tax deductions. The main goal of the proposal would be to eliminate 4 of the 7 tax brackets in the United States and create a 3-bracket system. This new system would drastically decrease many people’s tax rates. However, people who are at the bottom of the brackets would experience an increase in their tax rates. It is hard to tell why Democrats and Republicans have the views and opinions that they have. Some believe that presidential candidates say what they really feel in their hearts, and others think that candidates simply say what they need to say to win. I believe that both types of people are right in their own way. Politicians typically select their political party based on personal views that they have developed through family, friends, or media. I believe that most of them stay true to their beliefs as well. Democrats stereotypically come from a
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