Reputation And Integrity In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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In The Crucible a lot of stuff happens. A girl controls the whole village with her bad reputation. A families life gets messed up. Also alot, a lot of people die just because of this girls actions. Every bad thing leads to another and that is what happens in this play. In this play it shows who people really are when a person gets power they don't care about others they get what they want. Repetition is everything in that time.Reputation and integrity is a big role in this book just because everyone's reputation changes dramatically over and over again. With a bad reputation you can do bad things. If you have a powerful reputation you can get whatever you want and when you want it. In The Crucible By Arthur Miller, Reputation and integrity was shown by the characters actions. In the 1600s Reputation was everything to a person. If a person helps the church you will have a good reputation, They person will be looked at as a good christian. But if the person doesn't go to church He/She will have a bad reputation because He/She don't go to church and He/she will not be a good christian. John proctor did not go to church instead he worked. In 2016-2017 the 49ers QB has been under fire for a while with his reputation. He was a suspect of sexaul intercaurs AKA (Rape). Back in the day if He/She had good reputation life was easier and made it to where He/She had not to worry about anything or anyone talking bad about He/She. If A person were about to get into trouble with court

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