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Reputation basically means the different opinions and views that people and society have about someone. Reputation usually shaped of more than one factor, the person usually start to be known for what he achieved, was he won a price? Wrote books or had discoveries? , whether if he had an impact in people or did he affected their lives ?, this is how usually reputation been formed. However, reputation varies according to how people perceive you and your behavior, it depends whether they are lovers or haters and because of that, same person could have different reputations. In saying that, Dalai Lama is a great example of how is that one person could have different reputation one is extremely positive and the other one is negative. So, in this essay I’m going to
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Also, he is seen as a political leader, this role came from the fact that in traditional Tibetan society the religion and politics related to each other so the one who has the higher religious status usually acts as the head of the Tibetan state and this been the case for the previous dalai lamas as well. These two rules have been changed after 1950 in order of the Chinese invasion. Also, Dalai Lama had seen as a living Buddha for the Tibetan people. Living Buddha is a special one, someone with enlightens and has an Inner peace, someone has a special look towards life and things, someone different from any other human beings. Living Buddha is a reincarnation of His previous predecessors. Dalai Lama had given this special and higher status in Tibet.

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Chinese views about Dalai Lama are extremely in contrast with others views about him. They saw him in a negative way. In their opinions, Dalai Lama doesn’t deserve this high status in Tibet, he is just a man with no wisdom and with doubled-faced, he hiders the efforts of china with a false claims. The Chinese regime regarded Dalai Lama as such for many reasons. First of all, I will talk briefly

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