Reputation Of Men And Women In Othello

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Throughout history, the reputation of men and women has been defined by society in a different matter. During the 16th century, men were viewed accordingly to their military position and societal duties. On the other hand, a woman's character was defined by their sexual history, commitment of adultery and servitude to their husband. Such a contrast in perceptions did not only alter the way in which women were regarded by their husbands and society, but it influenced the manner in which men defined honor as evident in William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Othello.”
During the 16th century, a woman’s reputation determined the way in which society regarded her. Women who were deemed unfaithful would often be ridiculed by their community and …show more content…

Put out the light, and then put out the light.” (The Tragedy of Othello, Sparknotes). Such connects to the way in which a husband acknowledged and regarded his wife due to her behavior. In the end, the reputation of a woman was considered a decisive factor that greatly influenced the way in which women were perceived by society as well as by loved ones.
The reputation of a women often influenced the manner in which her husband regarded her. Women considered to be faithful were made to live by pure ideals and were restricted by their husbands on what they could and could not take part in. This in turn placed much emphasis on a woman's chastity, as it was immensely valued and determined a woman’s marital status. “ It is not surprising that men exclusively dictated the societal expectations of women. Six of the most significant traits prescribed by men include: Chastity, Silence, Modesty, Reticence, Sobriety, and Obedience.” (USC Dornsife). If a woman disrupted the religious morals of their community, they were deemed unchaste and regarded as burdens by their husbands as they often tainted their own reputation. “A wife’s adultery thus created unacceptable doubt about the future of the family, and weakened the authority of the male head of the house. A cuckolded husband was seen as incapable of controlling his wife and, by extension anything alse, be it family, business or political relationships. Cuckoldry rendered a

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