Request A Pay Grade Increase Commensurate With A Employee 's Experience And Job Responsibilities

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I am writing on behalf of Julie Shirah, M.A., C.C.E.S. to request a pay grade increase commensurate with this employee’s experience and job responsibilities which have evolved over the years. Julie has been employed at Fannin Regional Hospital since February 2003. When she was hired to coordinate the cardiac rehabilitation program that had been managed by a full-time registered nurse who also had part-time access to an administrative assistant for 2 years; there were only 6 patients in the program when Julie was hired. Initially, Julie worked 24 hours per week when she replaced a full-time registered nurse. Also, the facility housed only 5 pieces of exercise equipment and covered approximately 900 square feet. Due to the tremendous…show more content…
Furthermore, Julie creates, updates and revises all the educational materials and forms utilized in the program. Each of these items contribute to the exceptional patient outcomes. Compliance takes priority. Julie devised and maintains the emergency room physician log which lists the supervising physician for each day. The thorough charting and initial treatment plans exceed the requirements set by CMS. Physician chart reviews and reports are completed in a timely fashion. She researched the specific criteria for the newly determined coverage requirements for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) whereby she initiated an easy-to- follow document for physicians to utilize for coverage criteria when a patient has a diagnosis of CHF. She seamlessly transitioned her program’s referrals from the ICD 9 codes to the ICD 10 diagnosis codes for pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation this past year. In addition, she has the responsibility of tailoring all of the corporate policies and procedures to meet the needs of the program at Fannin Regional Hospital, as well as reviewing and revising these fifty-four policies annually. From a business aspect, she orders and maintains supplies; coordinates the ICD 10 coding; manages patients’ accounts as patients’ risk level changes, cardiac/pulmonary rehab phase changes, or if patients have a personal or medical leave of absence. She schedules patients sessions to
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