Request For Online Student Registration System

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Request for Proposal for Online Student Registration System By

Sunil Kumar Kandanuru ID-1059809
Arun Teja Tiyyagura ID- 1053771

Project Summary: Project description:
 Introduction and Scope

 Technical Aspects

 Architectural Analysis
Plan of Work:

 Layers and their design

 Database Approach

 Database Design

 Diagrams (ER, Schema and Dataflow Diagrams)

 Web forms development

 Project Implementation Flow

 Testing

 Learning

Project Summary: Field of education over the years has seen lot of revolutionary implementations which entirely updated it to an easily approachable platform. The mode of education which began in a classroom with benches
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Automation of this process focuses mainly on developing a web interactive site/application for the prospective students to perform their college activities on the go like registration process, keeping in track with their day to day course schedules, view course work materials online, make financial transactions securely, view their semester results and registering for upcoming semester. Team Member Contribution:
 The architectural design of implementation and Dataflow, ER diagrams and database approach is developed by Arun Teja.
 Database physical implementation and ASP.NET (From Design), C# coding and documentation are developed by Sunil Kumar.
2.Technical Aspects:
There are couple of Microsoft served technologies utilized in automating the registration process. Below are the details of the same
2.1 Front End:
ASP.NET, C# and JQuery
2.2 Development IDE:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate
2.3Back End:
SQL Server 2012
2.4 DB Window:
SQL Server 2012 Management Studio

Plan of Work:
1. Architectural Analysis:
In the present technological stand point, almost all of the business organizations implemented their own web services for their customers to make the services easily accessible at their finger tips on internet. Most of us are making financial transactions online without worrying much about the fraudulent practices. This context has gained lot of importance in the design and architectural phases of any application or website development tending to keep their
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