Request to Conduct Research Essay

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TO: Jimmety Cricket, Chief, HLM Cruise Lines,
FROM: Edmund Greene HLM Cruise Line, Environmental Research
DATE: June 20, 2013
SUBJECT: Request to Conduct Research

HLM Cruise Lines has been under intense media scrutiny as of late due to our unethical practice of releasing untreated wastewater into the oceans. As the world's second largest cruise company, it should be our duty to protect the waters upon which we sail. Therefore, I would like to be released from my current duties in order to research alternative methods of managing the waste produced on our ships. At the conclusion of my research, a formal report will be provided to you.

Significance of this research
As the World becomes more environmentally
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For example, Celebrity Cruises’ flagship vessel, the Solstice, includes a water filtration system to return all black water and wastewater to near pristine conditions before it is dumped back into the ocean. Royal Caribbean recently invested $100 million into their fleet to convert their onboard wastewater treatment system to an advanced purification system (Underwood, 2010). These examples shows how far behind the power curve we are.

Additional Information
Researches into “greener” cruise ships have been going on for several years. EPA believes that solution research might help improve understanding of the quantities of waste generated by cruise ships, impacts of discharges and emissions, and the potential for new control technologies. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2008)

Benefits of the Investigation
After having an opportunity to research for alternative methods of waste management, I am confident we will be able to implement methods that are significantly less harmful to the environment than our current process. This would not only benefit the environment, but also boost our public image. We must prove that we are not only concerned about pollution, but also dedicated to preventing it.

Given the phenomenal growth in our industry and the potential for increasing impacts on the marine environment, I believe it is our duty to continue to look for new, more environmentally friendly
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