Required Hardware For Adp Operations With Federal Mogul

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Required Hardware for ADP Operations with Federal-Mogul The physical components that make up a computer system are referred to as hardware. To enable the ADP system to function at the best performance possible, there are various types of hardware that should be installed within the computer itself, as well as connected to the outside of the computer. Given that ADP offers a cloud based solution to Federal-Mogul for their Payroll and Benefit functions, ADP sets the minimum standard hardware operating requirements for maximum performance of their cloud based systems. During an interview with Kevin Hutchison, IS Site Support Lead for Rings & Liners, VSG, Americas with Federal-Mogul, he went through the overall basics of the site hardware requirements for Human Resources Representatives and Managers with Federal-Mogul. Hutchison indicated that all site users have Dell laptop computers with Dell docking stations that are connected to a Dell desktop monitor. Utilizing this set-up enables the user to be able to work remotely as well as having the ability to have a larger desktop screen for enhanced visuals if necessary (Talking with K. Hutchison, personal communication August 17, 2015). Each Dell laptop is equipped with an Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3340M CPU operating at 2.7GHz. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. The CPU’s main function is to operate the computer by comprehending and carrying out the directions from the computer’s hardware and software (Talking with K.

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