Requirements Needed to Create a Multicultural Classroom

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For a multicultural classroom to exist, it must flourish upon students’ cultural differences and use them as a foundation for development. However, modern day public schools are rarely welcoming of cultural differences and tend to educate students as if they are all programmed one specific way. Teachers should be determined to address diversity and implement it into the curriculum which will create a multicultural classroom and advance the education of all students. In this essay I will be exploring numerous requirements needed to create a multicultural classroom through Krishnamurti’s Education and The Significance of Life and Hooks’ article on “Embracing Change: Teaching in a Multicultural World.” I believe that the world is full of multiculturalism and that teachers need to be free from previous established patterns of thought so they can focus on applying the “right kind of education” Krishnamurti emphasizes. I will be arguing that teachers must be open-minded, encourage language differences, move beyond tokenism and create a classroom full of respect, freedom and love so that multiculturalism can thrive. The present educational structure does not help the individual towards freedom and integration because it is too focused on what students should be like, instead of what they actually are (Krishnamurti, 34). Teachers in multicultural classrooms must be open-minded and get to know their students inside and outside of class. If a teacher is hesitant about being open,
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