Requirements for Agriculture

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Environmental Questions Minerals Society uses metals that come from mineral deposits to make buildings, pipes, wires, vehicles, and other products (Mathes, 2004). Other minerals are also used to produce products, such as using clay for bricks, sulfur to make fertilizer and refine petroleum, and oil, coal, and natural gas are used for energy. Metallic minerals are hard, contain their own shine or luster, are ductile and malleable (capable of being hammered thin and extended without breakage), and do not break when hit where non-metallic minerals are just the opposite (Daga). An example of metallic minerals is tin, which can be used to make cans to preserve food as well as other products. An example of non-metallic minerals is marble, used to make counter tops and decorative pieces. Mining Depending on how deep into the earth the minerals are that are to be extracted, explosives are used to blast rock into smaller pieces and heavy machinery brings it out of the earth from the tunnels that are formed by the explosives. The minerals are then processed by a separation method to be refined into products. The processing includes heating the metals after separation to temperatures that reach 1600 degrees to be formed. For metals that are on the surface of the earth, a process of "booming" is used where water is collected into large reservoirs and discharged in large amounts to remove large amounts of gravel in a thick mud state to show where the minerals are. For minerals
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