Requirements for Success in an Industry and the Attributes of Successful Leaders

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Requirements for Success in an Industry and the Attributes of Successful Leaders In terms of hospitality, leadership is defined as: leading is the process by which a person with vision is able to influence the activities and outcomes of others in a desired way (Walker 543). David P. Norton from Decision Point, Inc says, “Leadership-the availability of qualified leaders at all levels to mobilize the organization toward its strategy.” Both of these definitions are correct depending on your perception of the word. Leadership has many complexities which result in different types of leadership, individual perceptions of it and many definitions. The hospitality industry finds that leadership is not only a wonderful quality to…show more content…
A leader wants them to learn the ways of the operation before learning about their life and building a good relationship. As the employee begins to mature on the job, the leader will remain working on a high task level with the employee, but also concentrate on building a relationship. As time progresses and the employee no longer needs guidance and direction, allow them to have a little power while focusing on the relationship that has begun. Finally, when the employee has it all together, the leader needs to back off and give them room moving from a high relationship level to a low relationship level and remaining on the low tasks level which equals empowerment. Empowerment is when management releases some control to their employees to develop a sense of personal power, allowing them to do things and make it happen (Perdue 99). The last type of leadership is transformational defined as the process of eliciting performance above and beyond normal expectations (Walker 543). This type of leader is one who encourages employees to rise above what has always been done and do it because it is right, exceed in what they do. Charisma, individual consideration and intellectual stimulation are all important when focusing on this type of leadership. Besides types of leadership, other results from the complexities of leadership are
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