Requirements for the Corporate Computing Function Essay

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Assignment 2: Requirements for the Corporate Computing Function Student Name Dr Abdel Ismail CIS 505: Communication Technologies April 28, 2013 Meeting the Information Requirements of Management From the Requirements for the Corporate Computing Function, the fifth computing facility fulfillment point reads, “Meet information requirements of management” (Stallings, 2009, p. 58). Stated in another way, this Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) mission statement’s component implies that company information can be utilized by management for a great deal of things. While the security of all company-owned data is immensely important to the success of the organization, some of the information carries significant value when used by…show more content…
Throughout the recent years a number of Federal mandates have been enacted due to major misconduct of large businesses. A company’s management may require some information due to federal auditing to guard against such misconduct. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is a perfect example of such a law. Sarbanes-Oxley, “created a new auditor watchdog, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). The law strengthened internal controls over companies' accounts and set stiff criminal penalties for executives who cook the books. One of its toughest provisions required corporate executives to certify the accuracy of financial statements and imposed jail terms of up to 20 years for willful violations” (Drawbaugh, 2012). So it is smart business for CIO’s to include management information requirement adherence on a mission statement because it guides a company’s competitive direction and complied with law. First Phase of Mission Rollout - Top Three From the nine different points of the CIO’s mission statement, there are three that stick out as items that the rest can be built upon. In order for the other six points to exist the company should provide computing capability to all organizational units that legitimately require it, provide computing services in a reliable, professional, and technically competent manner, and maintain organizational integrity in operations that are dependent on computing (Stallings, 2009, p. 58).

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