Res 351 Week 2 Business Research Ethics Essay

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Research Ethics
Grace N. Lockhart
March 20, 2012
Mr. Charles McMahon

Research Ethics
Webster’s Dictionary defines ethics as “a set of moral principles: a theory or system of moral values.” (Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, 2011). Every person has ethics that he or she lives by, but sometimes in the business world many unethical business transactions occur. People do not realize that sometimes the statistics that he or she are fed have been falsified in order to get him or her to purchase a product or lure him or her in to participate in via false promises. The ideas of an unethical business practices to gain a statistical advantage is not a new idea. As a countries economy grows the population begins to see more
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The article goes on to say that “some of the misleading reporting observed…was deliberate” (Gary, 2010). It is unethical to try and sway the consumer into using your product with false or misleading information. When someone is sick he or she wants the best care that his or her insurance can provide and he or she are not getting that with this misleading information. The author of the article seems to be concerned with this idea of unethical medical research. According to the author research has proven that misleading research is used often for financial gain. The author does not site one specific person or business, but points the finger at the healthcare and drug markets in general. The author does use one specific source for his research though. He found gaps in the marketing of Pleo-Sanum. He noticed that one of the statements in the article about the product stated that “The investigators reported in the Results section that active treatment produced a significant benefit, whereas placebo did not.” A normal person reading the article would not catch on to the fact that the product had been spun to make the product seem better. Consumers are not dumb, but have no choice but believe what is laid out in front of them. Consumers expect the people who are selling the products to be honest and ethical individuals but research has

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