Rescuing Children From The Hands Of Child Labour

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Rescuing children from the hands of Child Labour

This was the first time; the trainee was allowed to go on the field and that too on a raid to rescue children from factories. The thrill and the feeling that he is doing something for people came in the mind. Though it was not the original project, the trainee was engaged in, but he was allowed to go to get some field exposure. The first ever exposure of the field from the agency and that too on a raid thrilled the trainee.

Going From the Office:
The trainee was told to reach early on that day and when the trainee reached the agency, he met his seniors in the agency going for the raid and who were supposed to give him the exposure of a raid. The trainee was asked that has he gone in raid before on which he answered negatively. The trainee was told to come in the conference room to brief him and another intern about the raid as we both were the first timers. We were told that we will first go in the S.D.M office of a particular area and we to stand in separate groups. They were also instructed that they have to tell nothing related to NGO, themselves or about their purpose to anybody in the S.D.M office. Then the map of the area was seen and the rough idea was taken about the SDM office and the place where the raid was going to take place and then both the interns were told that Seelampur is the area in which raid was going to take place.

Reaching Seelampur:
Different cars went to seelampur SDM office and then everybody…

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