Rescuing Children From The Hands Of Child Labour

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Rescuing children from the hands of Child Labour This was the first time; the trainee was allowed to go on the field and that too on a raid to rescue children from factories. The thrill and the feeling that he is doing something for people came in the mind. Though it was not the original project, the trainee was engaged in, but he was allowed to go to get some field exposure. The first ever exposure of the field from the agency and that too on a raid thrilled the trainee. Going From the Office: The trainee was told to reach early on that day and when the trainee reached the agency, he met his seniors in the agency going for the raid and who were supposed to give him the exposure of a raid. The trainee was asked that has he gone in raid…show more content…
The people started asking about them and why they were here “ arrey bhaiya, kya hua, yahan kya hua hai jo itni bheed lagi hai” on which one of the member answered that they are here to report about theft in their house “ arrey yar, hamare ghar mein badi chori ho gayi hai, isliye aaye hain yahan bhai bandhuon ke saath”. Then another person asked that where this incidence has taken place and he was given a reply that it has inside the colony and “ yar ek toh itni badi chori ho gayi, bahut pareshan hun, yahan koi baat bhi nahin sun raha hai aur tum sawal pe sawal kiye jaa rahe ho.” In the initial phase of the raid these incidents took place which the trainee faced and observed. Then the members of BBA sat with the SDM to discuss the plan and draft a team consisting members from Labour Welfare Department, Delhi Police which includes woman constables and BBA. The SDM also had to accompany for the raid. Labour Welfare Department: Under the factories act, 1948 and child labour act,1986, the office of labour commissioner will take care that there should be no person below 13 years of age working in a factory or enterprise in a hazardous condition. The office of labour commsioner will take care that there should be no exploitation with child labourers. The police and SDM accompanies because entering a private enterprise without the police is trespassing and the NGO can be booked under that offence. The law enforcement department
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