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In the past, many studies viewed the issue of police deviance as the notion of bad apples on the force. Management and culture of a police department are the most crucial factors that influence police behaviors. And the manner of which officers behave toward citizens will affect whether citizens view law enforcement as an institution with integrity.
The author provided a rather clear description of the research problem. Thereupon, a show of agreement between the problem statements and the title and of society’s torch-barrier. The schismatic issues were vividly presented to all readings levels reader and it did not required several readings prior to demonstrating the researcher’s purpose to conduct such a thorough study. The study was limited to the researchers’ capabilities and resources.
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Moreover, the author measured police integrity by administering a series of surveys that included seventeen scenarios, each with a different area of investigation (Lim and Sloan, 2016). The surveys include many raking officers from the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Institute of Texas and municipal police departments, county sheriffs’s departments, and constable agencies (Lim and Sloan, 2016). The research methodology is very
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