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Based on the sizing system and design pattern of commercial scrub market, the new prototype will be developed and applied the effective fabrics by considering the result from the fabric tests: hot-plate test and stain test. Specifically, I will prepare same fabrics in including highest Ret value and highest stain resistance grade from the result of fabric tests. And, I will make a new prototype using the flat pattern method in order to indicate how address the essential problems to ensure less transfer of pathogens in a new prototype.

For the focus group interview, the participants are 45 to 50 nurses who have at least five years of work experience in the Medical Center of the University of Minnesota. I expect with over five years of experiences to help understand the effects of environmental contaminants and to exchange the information about their physical activities in the hospital. To recruit the appropriate participants, I will contact with nurses’ center in the medical center at the University of Minnesota to find 48-50 nurses for participants of the focus group interview. Also, I will apply IRB approval at the beginning of this project. The focus group interview followed the same procedure as the pre-focus group interview. All interviews for the evaluation of the new prototypes will be audio-recorded and transcribed. For evaluate the new prototypes, the focus group interview will be conducted to determine how well the current problems had been addressed and whether the prototypes will be satisfactory regarding four research questions as follows:
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• Q2: How to you launder your scrubs?
• Q3: What is the optimal fabrics’ characteristic for less possible transfer of pathogens from the resistance of the moisture permeability?
• Q 4: What is the optimal fabrics’ characteristic for better capability to remove
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