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DATABASE CONCPETS (onl2) Prof: Toni Clements RESEAECH PAPER Sushank vallepalli ID#10000127296

“Research a local business (universities) to find out how the business uses a database.”


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The main aim is to research on the internship tracking system as perfectly as possible. This system should store the information in order to complete that entire internship process. This research paper consists of system architecture and gives a good description on the system with the support of ER diagram. 2.THEORY

Student internship tracking system is a system which is used to co ordinate the student’s internship programs. It will be the following things in track or list they are.
• Staffs,
• Departments,
• secretaries,
• Students,
• Organizations,
• Announcements and quotas.

Where students and secretaries are the user types. Mainly the secretary places a main role in opening the quotas for the companies and then she will give the announcements to students about the deadline. Moreover, all events will be logged keeping in mind the prevention of data loss and keep the system safe. Additionally the system must be effectively backed up. The system can be implementing with utilizing data structures, for example, files, however by utilizing database for managing data; it will be substantially more sensible and effective. It is clear that the preferences of relational database idea have demonstrated, so we chose to plan our system by utilizing a relational database. As opposed to implement our own database, utilizing a well known database server application is more

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