Research A Market Of Your Choice

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Task 1
Q 1.1
Research a market of your choice. Find three products: one item of goods, one service and one idea. Define the degree to which each of the products will meet the following: • Customer needs • Customer wants • Customer expectations

As we know mobile phones are the most usable communication device in the whole world.HTC is one the most known company in the mobile phone’s world. Most of the people use these phones for daily basis.
Customer needs: Let say all people from the different countries they talk with their parents, friends and even most of the trades are depends on the mobile phones. With the help of phone they can build a good market in the today’s businesses. For example HTC phone. It is easy to carry with you all the times rather than carrying the laptops. This phone has got all the functions as similar to laptops. It has a camera which you can use to take photos and even you can use it to scan documents.
Customer wants: Most of the customer has got smart phones now a days and the biggest issue in that is battery life. As i am writing about HTC phone it is also a smart phone. Some customers are facing battery issues because they are using these phones as computers as well and the other thing is network issues. Sometimes these get slower as well as people load data in to into it. So these are the major things that customer wants in the phones.
Customer expectations:

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