Research Analysis : Primary Sources Essay

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Research Analysis Worksheet
This worksheet is for analyzing primary sources, which for the purpose of this project are popular culture media: texts created for a mass audience with some commercial component, either through sales, subscription, or advertising revenue: advertisements, videos, television shows, news articles or programs, popular music, etc.
Choose three different popular culture artifacts (primary sources) that reflect the identity you’ve chosen for your essay. For instance, if I were analyzing portrayals of female college professors in movies, I’d pick for my artifacts three movies that portray female college professors (I’d choose the best three, the ones that seemed most interesting, revealing, or perplexing, out of a search of many). Apply the following “moves” to each of your artifacts. Please include a URL address or hyperlink to each of your artifacts, if possible.
Artifact 1:
Write Bibliographic information here (title, author, director, producer, publication, URL, etc.)
Still Killing Us Softly Advertising 's Image of Women. Dir. Margaret Lazarus, Renner Wunderlich, Patricia Stallone, and Joseph Vitagliano. Cambridge Documentary Films, 1987. DVD.
Form and Purpose
What is it, Who made it, What is its purpose, Who is its audience, and Where was it originally published/ performed/or broadcasted?:
It was a documentary on Netflix but it was originally on a VHS tape when it came out, it was created to awareness of the media and how it portrays women as
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