Research Analysis : Twitter And Its Impact On The 21st Century

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Research Analysis Paper Twitter has become one of the major catalysts in changing the way we communicate in the 21st Century. Since it’s conception of popularity in 2008-09, Twitter has become a place where people express themselves for many reasons, sometimes simultaneously. Whether they’re promoting something, promoting someone, promoting themselves, or talking about their personal lives, people in the workforce and others, like students, have come to know Twitter as a place of expression, but the definition of expression varies through its users. The article placed a heavy emphasis on the fact that some users like to have a balance in their tweets which will appeal to the so-called ‘context collapse’ regarding multiple audiences…show more content…
That is why composing tweets with all followers in mind is very important. On the other hand, some of the people interviewed in different parts in the article said that they liked to use Twitter to express themselves and not try to look good for anyone corporate or try to promote anything. They were on there purely for purposes of genuine enjoyment. But there was a constant between these two distinct groups of people: the fact that they didn’t want to share too much personal information on Twitter. While Twitter has the capacity for so much more real-time text than Facebook, many subjects said that they would never post compromising content regarding their personal beliefs on touchy, hot-button issues nor intimate facts about their personal lives on Twitter. One subject even quipped that they wouldn’t tweet anything that wasn’t too explicit or detailed about themselves or their personal lives, claiming that Twitter is not Facebook. In an age when people are making their lives more and more public through social media, it is important to seek out social boundaries and find a good place to mark the line when on Twitter. The audiences may be imagined to people who utilize Twitter
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