Research And Best Practices ( Ebm )

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Research and best-practices are an integral part of evidence-based management(EBM) and allow an organization to successfully implement EBM into their facilities. HSHS-EWD is a group of four hospitals that work with several clinics and healthcare providers to promote the health and well-being of many local communities. Connie Dorn, manager of central scheduling and prior authorization, is located within the revenue department and oversees registration and scheduling of the four different hospitals. During her 10-year tenure with the hospital systems she has seen many changes occur that have been beneficial to the hospitals, patients, and staff. Management meets on a continuous business to discuss areas that need improvement in order to stay on top of the latest advancements in the medical community. Connie currently sits on many boards, teams, and groups within the hospital system and is very experienced in the utilization of research and best-practices in regards to EBM. She recently utilized these skills while seating on a team that was trying to find a solution to denial of claims and poor customer satisfaction due to lack of authorization being in place. During the research phase it was discovered that the authorization team was obtaining authorization, however, physician offices were ordering the test incorrectly causing the radiologist to update the orders. Her team eventually found a solution that is in the process of being rolled out system wide called ACR-Select.

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