Research And Development Of A Mobile Web Application

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Research and Development of a Mobile Web Application
For Conducting Risk Assessments
Stephen J. Donnellon
Walsh College of Accountancy and Business

The information age has brought with it the need to secure computer networks against unauthorized access, data manipulation and identification protection. “There is no such thing as 100% secure” or “if an attacker wants something bad enough they will get it”, is heard often when information assurance is discussed. In fact, as one Information Security professional well knows, when a defense is developed to stop the breach, the enemy exhausts all means to find another way to get to the information/data or the “golden nugget”. This game of “cat and mouse” is no more omnipresent than in the field of Risk Management. One of the many important tools used to “fight the good fight” against nefarious groups is the Risk Assessment. The risk assessment application being developed is no stranger to these cyber-delinquents and is developed with a blend of the top recommendations from the various agencies. The RAAPP will increase the feasibility of conducting a risk assessment; thereby increasing the frequency risk assessments are conducted in order to fortify operations and protect the “golden nugget”.

Information security breach vulnerabilities are growing at a rapid rate with no end in sight. The threat is migrating from financial, healthcare and business industries to the home as every new major appliance purchased
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