Research And Development Of R & D

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Soham Dave, Co-founder and President: As a graduate of the University of Toledo, Mr. Dave, has gained plenty of experience in both small and large business settings as well as research and development. He has the skills needed to developing a proper vision for this organization. His previous roles as a leader of interdisciplinary teams and previous manufacturing experience will allow him to succeed in this role.
Jordan Braun, Co-founder and VP of R&D: Mr. Braun has plenty of experience with design work and developing engineering solutions in the medical device industry. His years of experience in R&D makes him a great fit for overseeing the research and development propelling the future of this organization.
Jacob Forstat, Co-founder and VP of Quality Control: After much work with Paragon medical, Jacob Forstat brings with him a lot of experience with regulatory organizations and quality control to this position. Mr. Forstat also has a background in laboratory research at the University of Toledo which allows him to be a great addition to the team.
Justin Braun, Co-founder and Director of Human Resources: Justin Braun (a.k.a. the other Braun) has years of experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds. His ability to connect with others and create a cohesive atmosphere in his previous positions will be put to great use in this role.
John Martillotta, Co-founder and VP of Marketing: John’s rare background in mechanical engineering as well as business
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