Research And Development Of Robotics

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1. Introduction
Robots earlier where used in manufacturing industries to ease the task. But now they are making their way into human life. This has led to the research and development in robotics. Future robot must able to learn autonomously and to interact safely with the environment i.e. without causing any harm to it or to the objects with which it is interacting (Ravinder S. Dahiya and Maurizio Valle, 2008). The way robot interacts with the surrounding forms an important aspect.
The touch, vision, hearing, olfaction and taste are the five senses of human used to interact and explore the surrounding environment. All the senses are equally important to gather information from the environment. So the future robot with all the sensing capabilities is a big challenge and sensor plays a vital role in this context.
A sensor is a device which reacts to physical parameters such as heat, light, pressure etc and gives a response. The sensors are used in range of places in today’s world such as getting information from an in accessible location, providing information beyond the human scope of sensing e.g. extremely high speeds and providing information which is unattainable to humans such as presence of carbon monoxide. Sensors can be binary in nature or provide a range of values.
In this paper, we examine tactile sensing in robots. The current development trends and application areas of tactile sensors have been reviewed. We also discuss the various issues needed to be…
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