Research And Profile Of Wal Mart, Inc.

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Financial accounting reports, to include balance sheets and income statements provide accountants and the general public a snap shot of a company’s overall financial condition and possibly their future financial position. This financial information is very important to business owners, executive managers, private investors and employees. The information contained in a company’s financial report has several important uses. Managers and senior leaders of a business can take extrapolated financial data from the income statement which details monthly earnings as well as the company’s liabilities and equity position. This information can then be used to analyze and forecast future annual budgets. Additionally information obtained in these multiple types of reports can also be used to proactively predict trends that may have a negative financial impact on company’s future operations. On another note a company’s financial reports are used by lending institutions to determine their ability to receive and repay loans used to finance business operations. I looked at many different companies to research when I reviewed the final week five paper requirements. I decided to research and profile Wal-Mart, Inc., as I spend much of my monthly food allowance at Wal-Mart personally, and would like to see and understand just how financially stable this company appears on paper. As I analyze Wal-Mart’s financial data I will illustrate and explain the importance of the horizontal analysis
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