Research And Report On Rapid Interface Design Tools

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2.1 Research and Report on Rapid Interface Design Tools

A rapid prototype is defined as a 3D model generated rapidly with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing. The process of creating such a masterpiece requires a number of prerequisites to be fulfilled on the onset of creating the 3D model. The various portions of the model are built layer after layer. The processes involved in the creation process include solid ground curing; selective laser sintering, fused deposition modelling, and stereo lithography.
Rapid Prototyping Tools
There is a wide array of rapid prototyping software available in the market today. They range from WebZap, Balsamiq, Pencil and paper, all the way to Bootstrap. In this assignment, special focus will be given to the review of Bootstrap.
This is specially designed for prototyping in code. It bypasses many basics of creating and enforcing a basic User interface (UI). This software was designed to eliminate the need for having to write all the codes you need by hand. It works by availing Bootstrap components you require for rapid prototyping in the canvas section.
Bootstrap Builders and Editors
The editors and builders simplify prototyping testing and creating responsive WebPages and websites. The editors have drag and drop options from the Bootstrap’s rich components library.
The builders and editors include the following:
This is a premium interface builder for websites. It’s a quick way to develop websites

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