Research And Writing Interest Paper

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Wanlin Jiang (Lynn)
Research and Writing Interest paper

1. What is your research topic?

Elements that contribute to a market campaign’s failure and the way to revise unsuccessful advertisement. In which point that makes the customer abandon a product because of the unsuccessful ad, and the way to fix the unwise designs of inappropriate ads.

2. Why do you research it?

To begin with, I am interested in how advertisements influence our lives, and more, how customers respond to advertisements.

Customers play a role of judge when deciding which brand will be popular and which will not. As a customer, the commercial ads will bring the very first impression to us. We might be touched by a wonderful ad and then purchases the goods. Instead, we might be bored or offended by an ad, then we will boycott it. So I think it is important to know about the customer’s taste and what they are degaussing with.

Furthermore, there are billions of successful ads, yet, some advertisements did not make it. The unsuccessful add may let the goods or even brands died with it. So I want to find out common errors among bad ads, any analysis their disadvantages.

Sometimes an ad may be broadcasted on an unsuitable time schedule. Imaging that when you are watching the <Walking Dead>, as the corps toning flesh meat into pieces, the TV Company inter-cut an ad of a new brand of meat loaf or BBQ tasajo, will you buy it?

Sometimes an ad may exaggerate the goods’ benefit to customers. I believe

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