Research Approach and Philosophy

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Research Approach and Philosophy In discussing the research approach and philosophy one must consider the difference between method and methodology. Methodology refers to the approach utilized for the research and the method refers to the procedure used to carry out the research. Epistemology is the philosophical approach broadly adopted in this research as it amid to describe a phenomena within society or in an environment. Hence in in relation to this topic the phenomena is the trend towards sustainability among businesses in the UK. A relativist philosophy has been applied which provides the foundation for this research and can be best explained according to Mark Easterby-Smith et al, “Many truths exist and a single view can only…show more content…
For the purpose of this project in order to understand how many people hold a particular opinion about the extent to which corporate and country culture impact on strategic alliance success or failure, a structured approach is therefore, the most suitable choice. Both quantitative and qualitative research approaches have their strengths and weaknesses, thus for the purpose of developing this reserach, both approaches have been adopted. Quantitative research ‘consists of those studies in which the data concerned can be analyzed in terms of numbers... Its results can be more readily analyzed and interpreted’ (Best & Khan, 1989, pp 89-90). Alternatively, qualitative research, “is more open and responsive to its subject ... Exploring details and aims to achieve depth rather than breadth’ (Blaxter, Hughes & Tight : 1996). The advantages of using both quantitative and qualitative is that the logic of Triangulation can be applied. For this research Methodological Triangulation was applied (Patton : 2002). This involves using various methods of both qualitative and quantitative research tools and comparing their results to identify similarities and correlations, (Kothari : 1985). This improves the validity of the results. In addition to this, the quantitative research may provide more background information to the findings from the qualitative research findings (Patton : 2002). Having established that both qualitative and quantitative research has
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