Essay on Research Article Analysis: Juveniles in Prison

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Research Article Analysis This research analysis is meant to measure the effects of this particular program against the goals it set out to accomplish as a means of contributing to subsequent decision making about the program and improving future programming. This applied research study is an evaluation research project of social science that is intended to supply scientifically valid information with which to guide public policy. The goals of this evaluation research are to provide feedback to policy makers in concrete and measurable terms. In 1994, Oregon voters passed Measure 11, which imposed long mandatory prison terms for 16 designated violent and sex-related offenses, prohibited “earned time,” and provided for mandatory waiver …show more content…
Under Measure 11, the offense charged automatically moves the young person’s case to the adult court. With the hindsight of 15 years of the real-life operations of Measure 11 for juveniles, this report profiles the most critical data and information on how this law has affected youth, the juvenile justice system, and particular Oregon communities. This report answers a sequence of important questions that will show what the impact of trying more youth as adults in Oregon has been. Some of these questions are: How did Oregon come to have Measure 11 for juveniles and automatic transfer of youth to the adult court, and how did these changes affect Oregon youth and the juvenile and adult justice public safety systems? What role can an adult criminal conviction play in a young Oregonian’s ability to get a job, go to school, find housing, and leave his or her delinquency behind? And, what impact, if any, has Measure 11 for juveniles had on youth reoffending and on public safety? In this impact evaluation research study, the authors evaluated case studies and used these longitudinal studies to determine the outcome of Measure 11 for juveniles from the past 15 years, and to also show the impact of trying more youth as adults in Oregon. Fifteen years after Measure 11 was enacted, the Campaign for Youth Justice and Partnership for Safety and Justice embarked on a study to determine the impact that Measure 11 was having on youth in Oregon. The authors
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