Research Articles On Attitudes And Attitudes Towards Plagiarism And Academic Misconduct

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Critical comparison of two journal articles on different perceptions and attitudes towards plagiarism and academic misconduct.

Plagiarism is a major concern for both students and teachers and the consequences of plagiarising will differ depending on the degree of misconduct within an assessed piece of academic writing. Throughout this essay there will be a comparison of two journal articles supplied in the plagiarism reader. The first essay is ‘Exploring academic misconduct: Some insights into student behaviour’ written by Bob Perry and published in 2010. This article highlights the increase of misconduct cases reported in newspapers and research, stating that increase is paired with the ‘new internet enterprises’ that are benefiting from the sale of grade papers and customised research (Perry 2010). The second journal, ‘Exploring staff perceptions of student plagiarism’. Co-written by Abbi Flint, Sue Clegg and Ranald Macdonald highlights the staff’s perception on plagiarism and the lack of knowledge about the definition of plagiarism.
The individual journals both highlight a personal interpretation of what plagiarism is. Perry’s article uses Carroll (2002:9)’s definition of Plagiarism; ‘passing off someone else’s work, whether intentionally or unintentionally, as your own for your own benefit’. The lack of clarity over the definition of plagiarism is consistent throughout both articles. The confusion and classification about the extent of the misconduct, whether…
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