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Research Assignment 1. Explain the function of the following Windows Server 2008 Services: A. Active Directory Federation Services B. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services C. Active Directory Certificate Services D. Active Directory Rights Management Services AD FS is composed of three different server components: Federation Server, Federation Proxy server, and ADFS Web Agents. A federation server is the main AD FS component, which holds the Federation Service role. These servers route authentication requests between connected directories. A federation proxy server acts as a reverse proxy for AD FS authentication requests. This type of server normally resides in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of a firewall, and is used…show more content…
It will work with any AD RMS-enabled application to provide persistent usage policies for sensitive information. Content that can be protected by using AD RMS includes intranet Web sites, e-mail messages, and documents. AD RMS includes a set of core functions that allow developers to add information protection to the functionality of existing applications. References: Technical Reference for Windows Networks Microsoft, January 21, 2008, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Role Microsoft, January 21, 2008, Microsoft, Technet, Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) Overview 2. Explain Server Manager, the new role-based management tool for Windows Server 2008, and describe the tools it was designed to replace. Server Manager eliminates the requirement that administrators run the Security Configuration Wizard before deploying servers; server roles are configured with recommended security settings by default, and are ready to deploy as soon as they are installed and properly configured. Server Manager is an expanded Microsoft Management Console (MMC) that allows you to view and manage virtually

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