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Research Awareness for Healthcare Professionals Summative Assignment This report discusses the task of searching for a piece of literature based on the theme of ‘Respect and Dignity’. This is an important topic for all healthcare professionals such as nurses and midwives, doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to be aware of, as service users have a right and an expectation to be treated with respect and dignity at all times when accessing healthcare. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement states that dignity in care should involve “…offering a genuinely personal service; flexibility in where or when the care is provided; a service that considers the right to privacy of people receiving care; and the…show more content…
The first 25 entries of these results are displayed in a list in appendix 1. For my second search I focused on making the key words of my search term more applicable for what I hoped to find. I again used the ‘summon’ search facility and entered the search term ‘adolescent health empowerment via communication’. This search produced 4678 results and these results were then refined by publication type to include only journals, and by subject type to include the subjects of ‘children and youth’ and ‘adolescents’, I again refined by publication date of 2008 to present, and to show only English language results. This then produced a list of 57 results and the first 25 entries of these results are displayed in appendix 2. The more detailed and specific criteria of this search appears to have produced some slightly more successful results than in my first search as I found 2 articles of particular interest that were more relevant to my search requirements; article number 4 in appendix 2: ‘Adolescents Transition to Self-Management of a Chronic Genetic Disorder’ (2008) by Giarelli, E., Bernhardt, B.A., Mack, R. & Pyeritz, R.E, writes of the requirement of “gradual changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour influenced by parents, peers, and health care providers” in order for the successful transition to self-management of a disorder. Also article number 10: ‘Feasibility and impact of a school-based intervention for families of urban adolescents with asthma:
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