Research Challenges Within Database Management

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Research Challenges in database management in Cloud Prof.Niraja Jain Prof.(Dr).Sarang Joshi University of Pune University of Pune Information Tech. Dept Computer Engineering Dept. AGAwate COEH, Pune PICT , Pune India India Abstract- The multidimensional growth in computing systems and technologies have resulted in advanced scalable, portable and large scale integrated systems and technologies. Datacenters, virtualization, cloud and WEB2 technologies are the frontiers of such growth. [1] Cloud computing represents an important step towards realizing McCarthy’s dream that all aspects of computation may someday be organized as a public utility service. Both public and private cloud platforms are looking to deliver the benefits of cloud computing to their customers. The database is a critical part of this platform. Therefore cloud database need to be compatible with cloud computing. [5] Though cloud computing offers huge opportunities to the IT industry, there are many issues still to be addressed in the current scenario.[6] In this paper, we present a survey of cloud
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