Research Critique Part 2 Quantitative Study

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Critical Analysis of a Quantitative Study
Research analyzing is a process in which a research undergoes a careful examination for its strength and weakness. Analyzing a research gives the nurse a chance to know the credibility of the study, its findings to see the evidence base for practice or utilization or application of the findings into the care practice. This paper is about analysis of a research conducted in relation to wound care in primary health care. This research took place in Stockholm, Sweden. The study shows a descriptive quantitative approach in investigating district nurse wound care management.
Protection of Human Participants
For this study district nurses (DNs) working at primary health care centers
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Data collection was from the questionnaire that consisted of questions related to experience background, training for wound and wound care, responsibilities and in regards to wound care guidelines, including the wound registration form. This was collected in Monday through Friday within a week.
Data Management and Analysis
The data collected from questionnaire and registration forms were computerized and processed using the calculation program excel. The results were in a descriptive manner with numbers and percentages. The questions with open reply were analyzed by theme analysis. The results obtained were extracts of statements presented by the district nurses (Friman, Klang & Ebbeskog, 2010). Three researchers were involved in data collection , all data collected were transcribed exactly same as it was in the questionnaire, read and categorized according to what appeared from the data, this helped in minimizing researcher bias.

Findings / Interpretation of Findings
As per the researchers findings district nurses treated many kinds of wounds, but most often without proper medical diagnosis. There was no officially defined area of responsibility of the different professional groups. There was no proper wound treatment guidelines found most of the time.
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