Research Critique: the Freshman Seminar

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Research Critique: The Freshman Seminar and Academic Success of At-Risk Students Authors Potts, Glenn; Schultz, Brian
Importance of the Problem Attention to student retention and success remains a significant priority among universities across the globe. Trends to support academic success programs among freshman that increase second year persistence and timely graduation at postsecondary institutions continue to be adopted. As more states implement funding based funding, campuses have a more targeted focus and have increased attention on student retention and completion rates. The increase in accountability has been enforced in many states, at the same time campuses are adjusting to significant decreases in state funding. Campuses
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Results found in the study
The researchers tested two hypotheses. First, the academic cohorts and freshman seminar may make the learning experience more effective as suggested by Baker & Pomerantz (2000). Second , the academic cohort and the freshman seminar are intended to help create a “sense of belonging to a group” that can provide support. This is expected to increase retention (Elkins et al, 2000; Hoffman et al, 2002-2003).
Each of the three groups in the sample looked and compared: the mean GPA, retention rates, total credits earned. It further measured the students ACT, High School Rank , Residence Hall and Living Off Campus for first semester. The researchers found that the data did not reveal significant patterns and or relationships among the categories used. The numerical differences in mean GPA, credits earned and retention rates were relatively small. T-tests of retention rate differences for the Freshman Seminar treatment and the no treatment control group also showed no statistically significant differences.

Conclusions and implications drawn from the study
In an effort to improve retention and student success the business college used a blended approach to increase the success rates specifically among students in the college of business. While efforts were not
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