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DEFINITIONS OF COMMON RESEARCH-RELATED TERMS Abuse-liable: Pharmacological substances that have the potential for creating abusive dependency. Abuse-liable substances can include both illicit drugs (e.g., heroine) and licit drugs (e.g. methamphetamines). Adverse Effect: An undesirable and unintended, although not necessarily unexpected, result of therapy or other intervention. Anonymity: Anonymity exists when there are no identifiers on project materials that could link the data with individual subjects. Even the research investigator cannot know the identity of participants. Assent: Agreement to participate in proposed research, given by an individual not competent to give legally valid informed consent (e.g., a child or mentally limited…show more content…
Such adjudications are often determined by inability to manage business or monetary affairs and do not necessarily reflect a person’s ability to function in other situations. Confidentiality: Right of privacy and of non-release of disclosed personal information. The investigator should protect subjects against invasion of privacy and loss of confidentiality. Lack of secure handling of completed personality tests, questionnaires, interview protocols or data and recorded materials augments risk and must be avoided. Contract: An agreement. As used here, an agreement that a specific research activity will be performed at the request, and under the direction, of the agency providing the funds. Research performed under contract is more closely controlled by the agency than research performed under a grant. Contraindicated: Pertains to the use of a treatment that should not be used in certain individuals or conditions due to risks that are disadvantageous, or, perhaps, dangerous results. Control: Subjects who are not given a treatment under study or do not have a given disorder, background or risk that is the object of study, and who are comparable to subjects in the study. Crossover Design: A type of clinical trial in which each subject is given, at different times, both an experimental and a control therapy. Data Points: Any text or numbers generated during a
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