Research Design Essay: Evaluation of the Design of an Experiment

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Research Design Essay: Evaluation of the Design of an Experiment The ability to describe and critically assess a design of any research trial can be beneficial in many various aspects. Firstly, it can assist in maintaining current knowledge through reading other empirical researches, developing critical and analytical thinking skills and to practice the research process in order to carry out further studies (Christensen et al., 2014). In the current trial, similar techniques will be employed to critically describe and assess the design in terms of raising any issues related to the experimental design. The present trial consists of an environmental psychologist hired to assess a data entry company’s employees work stations. The…show more content…
Accordingly, Accuracy is also a continuous variable that can be measured by the number of word errors per minute. To operationalize health symptoms, a questionnaire was administered to measure how many work-related health symptoms they had experienced since the last assessment. Extraneous variables are important to control because they provide another explanation for the dependent variable changing that is not due to the independent variable. Extraneous variables take two forms; Systematic Error and Random Error (Ghilani, 2010). In the present trial, a number of systematic errors have been identified. Since all the independent variables are manipulated between groups they yield their own unique set of extraneous variables. The obvious problem with between groups design is that they are tested between groups. Two groups of people differ in various things and it is difficult to control both relevant and irrelevant factors. Random assignment has been used to control this confound; however this does not prevent other systematic errors that comes with individual differences. This could possibly be resolved by using a repeated measures design, which consequently eliminates the problem of group differences arising from individual differences (Christensen et al., 2014). Pre-existing skills of the workers may have an impact on the result that may be difficult to control. Each worker may have different levels of expertise that contributes to the

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