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Chapter 5



1. General Mills conducted research on a "new, improved" version of their cereal, TRIX. Consumer taste tests showed the new version was preferred over the old TRIX, but the new version was a failure when it was introduced. It was noted that the research was flawed in that the new version of TRIX was compared with the old TRIX, a choice that consumers in the marketplace would not have. The correct research should have compared the new TRIX with competitor brands. This example was presented in your text to illustrate: a. poor budgeting for research b. how researchers in large firms are in "silos" and are not open to outside suggestions c. how
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c. Exploitive designs must always follow competitive designs. d. All designs should include at least some exhaustive research. e. None of the above is true.

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 117

9. What type of research is unstructured and informal? a. deductive b. exploratory c. causal d. exploitive e. exhaustive

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 117

10. In which of the following situations should exploratory research be used? a. to measure the relationships among variables b. to test hypotheses c. to define terms d. in situations in which all of the concepts are clearly defined and measured e. to determine how variable x causes variable y

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 119

11. Which of the following is NOT a situation in which exploratory research should be used? a. to clarify problems b. to measure the relationships among variables c. to establish research priorities d. to gain background information e. to clarify hypotheses

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 119

12. Appropriate methods for conducting exploratory research would include: a. secondary data analysis b. experience surveys c. sample surveys d. longitudinal research e. A and B

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 119

13. The process of searching for and interpreting existing

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