Criminological Research Triangulation Essay

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Critically assess the use of ‘triangulation’ in research design for criminological studies.
There has been an emergence in the use of triangulation in criminological research, in a bid to combine two methods to ensure the validity of the research. As a result, the use of triangulation is recommended as good practice for any criminological research (Maruna 2009); as no single method can produce a comprehensive account of the study under research (Bryman 1988). In spite of its reported success, the practice of triangulation is not without its critics. Therefore, as a result of this ongoing debate regarding the level of its effectiveness, this essay will critically assess the use of triangulation in criminological research.
Triangulation is readily interpreted as a method to integrate two or more approaches, theories, data sources, methods or investigators in one single study of a single social phenomenon (Thurmond 2001; Yeasmin and Rahman 2012). Such as the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods, within the same research question; in order to allow the researcher to refine the findings or research question (Oppermann 2000). It can also be applied more broadly to refer to the use of multiple observers, theoretical perspectives, sources of data, and methodologies (Denzin 1970). In social and criminological research, the term triangulation is used to refer to incidents whereby the researcher desires to verify their findings by showing that independent measures agree

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