Research Design Methods And Research

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Research Design Methods
Beginning with qualitative research design, this model utilizes surveys to collect information. Qualitative research is unstructured and flexible in design. It does not follow any particular sequence. One must generate their own design model. Basically, the qualitative research model is what the researcher makes it. (Maxwell, 2012). It focuses on the scrutiny of occurrences and is based on observation and questions. With this type of research, parts are evaluated as a whole. Qualitative research answers the why and how questions. These questions, mostly open-ended, would be answered through non-numerical data, such as texts, observations, interviews, and stories. This type of research normally utilizes small sample sizes and is less formal than other types of research. The results are not loaded with numbers and statistics (Johnson, 2007).
The value of utilizing qualitative research design is in the researcher being able to mold the study into what they need it to be. The researcher can redesign the model as needed along the way. One would use the qualitative research model, for example, when trying to understand a specific population or group of people, when exploring how people feel, what they think, what they do, how they act and react, and why.
Quantitative Research Model Unlike qualitative research, quantitative research is more structured and follows stricter guidelines. Its questions are closed-ended, and participants generally choose from a
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