Research Design Of Faith Based Recovery Essay

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Research Design in Faith-Based Recovery
Catherine A. DeLorco
Ohio Christian University
October 22, 2016

Research Design in Faith-Based Recovery To determine what type of research design I would use to answer my question relating to faith-based recovery, I will first need to explore the three major research designs with examples of appropriate uses. Additionally, I will present my research question with the research design I would choose and why. Qualitative research is the first design to explore. Problems are discovered in the social environment and research is provided to address a person’s reaction. The study of human behavior and habits are done through methods of observation and interaction using surveys and/or case studies. Experiences are described by a person, their family, or the institution where they reside. Views can be holistic, subjective, or interpretive. All situations are unique. Findings are usually obtained from the subject’s point of view. A qualitative analysis had been completed utilizing a survey asking questions from recovering addicts the frequency of prayer, meditation, and holistic clinical practices used at their treatment centers. (Priester, 2009). An excellent example of subjective data. A second design is quantitative research. This analysis engages mathematical models, theories, and hypothesis to examine cause and effect. It shows the relationship between data and observation through measurements. Control groups are used with
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