Graduate Research Methods

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Introductory Paragraph

I have been hired to conduct a research project for university here in Washington DC. I will be meeting with my University clients to explain the research strategy that I will be developing. This strategy is critical for the success of the research project; I will help my client understand what research strategy is and how to prepare a report that addresses the following topics. First I will discuss how research topics are selected. I will then discuss the importance of the purpose statement and explain how research questions and hypothesis are developed. I will then discuss the null and alternative hypothesis and how they support the research effort. I will also discuss how research effort will be measured and
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It allows the researcher to determine the projects focus through providing relevant information. Researchers should know that a purpose statement may change as they delve further into the research topic. (Noel Rozney 2013)

Explain how the research questions and hypothesis are developed.

After a research topic has been established the researcher must develop a “question” for research as well as a hypothesis that relates to the study being conducted. This question will be in the formulation of the research question should be developed before the research study begins. The question will guide the research and will focus the research study throughout the research project. The researcher should be looking to answer the question throughout the research study. CTU MUSE. (2012)

The hypothesis is not the research question it is quite different. The hypothesis is a prediction of the outcome of the study. The research hypothesis is a statement that the researcher believes will be the outcome of the research study. The hypothesis is developed by the researcher’s experiences and other research studies. The hypothesis is ultimately accepted or rejected at the conclusion of the research study. When developing the research hypothesis the objective by the researcher is for the hypothesis is to ultimately be tested. There are several types of hypothesis a null hypothesis and an alternative
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