Research Design, Variables, and Methods

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Research Design, Variables, & Methods The article of focus for the purposes of this task is "Influence of perceived co-worker involvement and supervisory support on job satisfaction." (Okediji, Etuk, & Nnedum, 2011) The authors tested hypotheses charting the relationship among several factors that contribute to job satisfaction. The participants of the study were employees of a brewery and were selected at random. There were equal numbers of males and females. The ages of participants spanned ages 18 40. The empirical study confirmed both the hypotheses of the researchers regarding job satisfaction, co-worker involvement, and supervisory involvement during the working day. The authors explain, "Job satisfaction is more simply conceived of as the response of an individual to the condition of work, as these perceptions are shaped by objective differences in work conditions and different interpretations of the conditions." (Okediji, Etuk, & Nnedum, 2011) One independent variable in this study is the perceived co-workers' involvement. Another independent variable is the perceived co-worker involvement. A dependent variable is the length of time an employee chooses to remain at the same job. Supervisory support is another independent variable in the study. The primary independent variable in the study is perceived co-worker involvement as directly stated by the authors. (Okediji, Etuk, & Nnedum, 2011) The main result of the study is the confirmation of the primary
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